The Ground Rules – #YOLG

So what exactly is the Year of Living Gamegerously (#YOLG)?   This was an idea born from the brain of Robin Tate (aka Bongo the Sane).  The thoguht was to take a year off of buying new games and create a list of 30 games that you hadn’t played or finished yet and just play those games.  At first I scoffed and thought no way but then he added a small budget of $100 toward a few new games to help ease the pain of going cold turkey on buying new games. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.  I game share with a brother from another so the thought of just $100 didn’t see too daunting either so I said why not.  Added into the mix is blogging our journey and so….here is where it starts for me.   Beginning Dec. 1st, 2016 I will have 1 year to complete my list of 30 games and limit my own outward expense to $100 toward new games.   Sounds easy until you look at my list.



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