December 2016 Update

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Well, we are just about done with December and due to the holidays and a new entertainment center project my progress on my list has been more or less non-existent.   I was able to knock out Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 and Battlefield 1 before the close of month though.  I didn’t have much left on TWD Season 2 to begin with so it was a nice boost to the confidence given how much time was lost and Battlefield 1 wasn’t terribly long either so they were solid choices to start with.


So some thoughts on TWD Season 2.  It was ultimately a let down compared to season 1.  I just can’t put it any other way.  It had some good moments and its certainly a good enough Telltale game.  I just wanted more and I just don’t feel Clementine is a good character to build a game like TWD around.  In the first TWD game your character was thrust into a position of being a decision maker and it felt right.  In season 2 Clementine assumes that role and I just couldn’t wrap my head around adults turning to a pre-teen for life or death decisions.  I know its a zombie apocalypse and all that …but lets be real here.   Turning to her for decisions is equivalent to entrusting a countries highest elected office to a real-estate and reality TV star.  Like that would ever happen….

Turning my attention to Battlefield 1.   This was a really solid Battlefield game.  The multiplayer is excellent but I will focus my thoughts on the single player.   When I learned that BF1 single player was going to be broken up into smaller campaigns focused that weren’t connected I was very intrigued.  I thought this was a smart decision given their struggles with single player in the past.  So does it work?  Sort of?  What I mean is its good but I found myself ultimately wishing they had just built out a single cohesive campaign.  I didn’t care for the flying and trench warfare based stories.  I thought the Tank story and final story dealing with Lawrence of Arabia were great choices and either could have been fleshed out into larger bigger campaigns.   Instead we got the bite sized stories which by the end were in reality just training games for the multiplayer.  Once you realize that is the case the sheen of the single player campaign for BF1 dulls quickly.   It’s still a really good game, just missing the mark again for the single player.

Now, what I can update on is the progress I have had in updating my TV and entertainment center (see pics below).  Back in October I picked up a new Xbox One S to replace my other Xbox One (which I sold for $150) so the upgrade cost was minimal.  Thanks to the ease of swapping the external drive, set up was also really straight forward.


I am now sporting a new 65 inch Samsung KS8500 4K TV.  This is the curved screen version.  Why curved screen?  I just preferred it to the flat screen when at the angle.  It’s not better per-se just different.  Now, does the 4k make a difference?  Short answer yes, for me its been huge but bear in mind I was running a 50 inch Panasonic 1080i plasma before.  So I don’t know if you are on smaller sized screens how big a difference this would seem when looking at 1080p vs 4K.   If you can afford to indulge yourself I don’t think you will be disappointed but don’t expect life changing visuals.  This is not like last gen where we came from sub 480p to 720/1080p visuals.

So what is next on my YOLG list?  Currently I am tackling Batman Arkaham Knight in the hopes I can finish that up right around the new year and knock off another on my list.  I did buy one game over the xmas sales…. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition was $10.00 so that comes off the top of my $100 budget.


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